Motorized Curtains

Motorised Curtains

Motorized curtains are the ultimate when it comes to luxury and convenience. Just imagine, lying in bed and letting your smart home device know that you’re ready to start your day.

The motorization of window curtains has rapidly gained popularity in recent years and is seen as the future of the window covering industry. With the increasing demand for smart home automation, motorized curtains offer convenience, efficiency, and ease of use. They can be controlled remotely through a mobile app or a voice assistant and can be programmed to open and close at specific times or in response to changing weather conditions. 

  • Available for straight, curve, arch, skylight and slope windows.
  • Exceptionally durable wire used for motor drive transmission. Open close test passed.
  • Ready for draperies up to 20 m (787″) long with 80 kg (176 lb) in weight.
  • For Skylight Maximum width 6 ft., length 12 ft., maximum weight 18 kg.

Straight windows: 

Sky Light




  • Motorized curtain track with ultra-quiet operation.
  • Automatically identifies and set Open and Stop operation limits.
  • Manual-override (by hand-draw operation) is very smooth.
  • Enables opening/closing of curtains without using any switch operations (Touch Motion).
  • Corresponds to the Dry or Wet Contact.
  • FM remote-control receiver is built-in.

Unique Features


  • A built-in FM Remote-Control Receiver
    The new motor utilizes a built-in FM receiver for control.

  • Quiet operation with a new motor and new rollers
    The new motor and rollers provide ultra-quite operation.

  • Can be curved into a variety of shapes
    L – shaped, U – shaped, S – Shaped and gradual curves.

  • Hand-draw operation as well as motor operation
    A built in mechanical clutch allows the drapery to be drawn by hand smoothly.

  • Highly durable belt drive transmission system
    The belt drive transmission system is highly durable.

  • “Slow start” and “slow stop” functions
    These functions enable the smooth start and stop of drapery operation.

  • Touch motion function
    The touch motion function can perform opening/closing of curtains without using any switch.

    If the curtain is drawn, it will begin to move in the direction itself, and will stop at the place on the limit setup.


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