Blackout curtains Vs. Sheers Curtains – Which one is better?

Are you in a dilemma about what curtains to buy for your living room or bedroom? Whether you should go for blackout curtains online or sheer curtains online. Then, here, we are giving you a brief comparison of both of the custom-made curtains India. You can decide further what to choose.  

Meaning & Purpose

Custom-made Blackout curtains are generally made up of opaque and foam-backed fabric that has the capacity to block the lights from outside to enter the bedroom or living spaces along with the exclusive features of noise-dampening.  

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Custom-made sheer curtains are made up of fabric that is generally low in density and has the look of semi-transparency.      

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When it comes to designer blackout curtains, then it is to be noticed that there will be a high sense of privacy because of the strong feature of noise-dampening that provides a sense of security.  

When it comes to designer Sheer curtains India, then it can’t provide you with privacy and security as they have semi-transparent look.  

Natural Light

Blackout curtains have the strong power of blocking the natural light whereas sheer curtains allow the sunlight to get a pass 

Common spaces

The usage of blackout curtains is generally used in living spaces, bedrooms, kids’ room, media rooms, etc. but Sheer curtains can only be installed in living areas and dining spaces or bedrooms. This can be installed as a second curtain along with solid curtains. 

Noise-Dampening Qualities

Blackout curtains are high in quality when it comes to noise-dampening whereas sheer curtains do not have that quality.  

Temperature Regulation

Blackout curtains create their own barriers to the proper regulation of temperature between the room and outside. On the other hand, sheer curtains Bangalore do not help in the regulation of the room temperature.

The conclusion

In a nutshell, on the basis of the above-mentioned features, you can take your worthy decision whether you want to go for the premium Blackout curtains India or Sheer curtains Online Bangalore. Visit our website to have a look at our brand collection: Curtain Label.  Give us a call-in case of any query at +91- 9513 239 239 or shoot us an email at  

We will be providing you with the best in the industry.

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