Curtains or Blinds? What Works Best in Each Room?

“Designer Curtains are as important as attractive paint in the house.” Both of them grab the eyeballs of the guests and enable them to find peace of mind, cheerfulness & soothing experience in your house. Not only curtains but custommade blinds play a vital role when it comes to the overall embellishment of the house.  

Now, the biggest question arises here – online curtains or blinds for houses? What will be the best thing to attract the guest?    

So, the simple answer is – there are certain areas in the big houses that need curtains and the rest of the spaces need only blinds. Perfect installation of both the drapes can ramp up the beautification of your home ten times more.  

Here are some ideas: 

Lounge & Living spaces

To attain the homey feeling, you can go for the Jacquard curtains online. This will give you the best and most royal feeling in the drawing room along with the best feature of sunlight blocking. On the other, you can use splendid blinds for the lounges area. It will portray some flexibility and fantastic choices to give a versatile look.  

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Of course, bedrooms are the most private areas of the house and every person expects privacy along with the peace of mind where they have a sigh of relaxation. So, you need to go for the Blackout curtains online here only. This will block the lights coming out from outside and provide complete peace of mind and peace to the eyes also.  

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Bathroom & Kitchen

People generally do not prefer curtains for bathroom & kitchen spaces. These are the areas of the house where the work of water happens mostly. So, Zebra Blinds or PVC Blinds work wonders here. This will provide you with the best privacy, energy efficiency and illumination of the best house ever.  

Small Windows in Living Room, Bedroom

We will not recommend Curtains for small windows. The drape won’t be that great on small windows. For small windows, we recommend to go with Roman, Roller, Wooden, Zebra Blinds. 

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The conclusion

Overall, the best thing that you can do is – to create the perfect blend of designer curtains for windows and doors with online blinds for windows. This will give you an amazing stylish look in the house. Give us a call at +91- 9513 239 239 or shoot us an email at 

Contact us for any query and visit our website Curtain Label here to buy online curtains.

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