How to Clean Curtains at your Home?

Are you seeking the best tips to clean your home curtains? We all juggle cleaning the curtains of windows and curtains of doors when they get dust, dander or hair after a certain period of time. Due to a lack of proper knowledge, we wash curtains and end up damaging the delicate fabrics.   

While buying readymade curtains online, we can easily see the instructions over the box or in the product description in the website regarding the cleaning of that type of curtain fabric. Besides, as an all-time companion in your support system, we are here to enlighten you on the best methods of custom-made curtain cleaning ideas.   

Most of the Curtains can be Machine Washed, but some are not.  

All you need to ponder over the given ideas while Machine wash:

Step 1.  Take out the curtains of windows and doors. 

Step 2. Shake them outdoors or on the Balcony.  

Step 3. Now, put them in your washing machine in a delicate mode with cold water and mild liquid detergent.   

Step 4. Do not Tumble dry 

Step 5. Do not bleach 

Step 6. Do not wring 

Step 7. Line dry in the shade  

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When to Send Curtains for Dry-Cleaning?

The main instruction here to give is to send your delicate curtain like Silk, Sheer etc for the dry cleaning. This is because of the fact that they are delicate and can be ruined if they are washed in the machine at our houses.  

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To sum Up

In a nutshell, if you need to clean your precious curtains then you need to be very cautious about the washing techniques. So, to have more knowledge visit our website Curtain Label and give us a call at 91- 9513 239 239 or send us an email to 

For ordering your favorite curtains.  

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